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Bike Fitting

Whether your goal is a sportive, time trial, road race, short or long course triathlon, the interface between rider and bicycle is key to performance. Individual factors such as flexibility, biomechanical measurements and imbalances all have a direct impact on this interface. Here at Celtic Coaching we use a wide range of data combined with our expertise to find your individual optimised position.

An Ongoing Process:

We often find that individuals will have a bike fit when experiencing pain when riding. Sadly, this approach often causes biomechanical imbalances as the rider makes compensatory movement patterns to alleviate the pain. As a result the initial bike fit is conducted in order to alleviate the pain with goals to correct any subsequent biomechanical imbalances. As the rider corrects any biomechanical imbalances thus the bike fit will require adjustment. As a result it is our recommendation here at Celtic Coaching that a bike fit should never be considered as a one off. As you improve in fitness, flexibility or correct any biomechanical imbalances then your bike fit requires adjustment or reassessment to ensure optimised performance.

Basic Bike Fit:

Cost – £45


  • consultation on individual factors which may impact on set-up
  • observation including video analysis of current set-up and riding style
  • body measurement to produce geometry schematic

  • comparison between current set-up and schematic
  • consultation on recommended adjustments from cleats through to hand position
  • observation including video analysis following adjustments


  • recommendations on adjustments to riding style for improved performance

Advanced Bike Fit:

Cost – £65


  • basic bike fit complete (as listed above)
  • additional use of power meter measurement to optimise performance


If you are interested in a individualised bike fit please contact us at enquiries@celticcoaching.com