Professional services designed to optimise your performance.



We specialise in the efficiency of movement through the water. Let us help you swim faster for less effort….Swimming fast can be simplified into a physics equation: (S)peed = Stroke (L)ength (number of metres covered per stroke) x (R)ate (number of strokes in 1 minute). This simple equation allows us here at Celtic Coaching to analyse the efficiency of your swim stroke.  Combining the results from the equation with underwater video allows a fully detailed analysis of your swim stroke. This combination of stroke analysis allows us to provide a detailed swim plan to improve your efficiency in the water and overall swim speed.


We have extensive expertise in bike fitting, a constantly evolving process as your flexibility and fitness develop….The interface between rider and bicycle are key not only to power output, but also comfort and injury prevention. By understanding this interface we believe we can find the optimum position for you as a rider whilst still maintaining that all-important power output. This understanding combined with our expertise allows us here at Celtic Coaching to optimise the interface whether you’re a sportive rider or triathlete.


We specialise in the biomechanics of natural/barefoot running….Natural running in its purest form is bare feet on a natural surface (grass; sand; etc). Unfortunately the reality is we often run on an unnatural/manmade surface (concrete; tarmac; etc). By understanding the biomechanics of running on natural and unnatural environments we believe we can improve your efficiency. Combining this understanding with video allows us here at Celtic Coaching to provide detailed analysis of your running form. Following this detailed analysis of your current running form we would develop an individualised plan to improve your efficiency and overall run speed.


Having competed at every distance from super sprint (200m swim; 20km bike; 2.5km run) through to Ironman (3.8km swim; 180km bike; 42km run) we have a wealth of experience and knowledge….Here at Celtic Coaching we have utilised this experience to understand the factors that affect goal success. The key to your success is our continued understanding that your unique set of factors vary in importance and by remaining flexible to these factors. By combining this experience with detailed coaching knowledge here at Celtic Coaching we believe we can develop the perfect plan for you.