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“I have hit a plateau in my performance. No matter how hard I train I can’t seem to improve my pace”.

“I am constantly getting injured. Every time I begin to increase the mileage or pace I end up injured again”.

As an individual athlete the above statements may have been said more than once. Often it is not the cardio vascular system (fitness) that is preventing performance gain or causing recurring injuries, more often it is a biomechanical movement pattern (technique/form). By addressing any biomechanical imbalances or developing technique a new found efficiency of movement (free speed) can be found.


Here at Celtic Coaching we specialise in efficiency of movement through an understanding of the biomechanical movement patterns associated with performance. As analysts we do not arrive at a session with preconceived ideas of what we should see. We will always observe individual biomechanical movement before advising on areas for development. We believe here at Celtic Coaching that we can help an individual athlete find efficiency of movement through a one-to-one session.


Cost – £35 per hour


Our specialism in efficiency of movement can also be utilised by a club looking for performance gains for it’s membership. We have found that in a club setting that the ideal approach is to initially present the theories before conducting a practical session.  This approach has helped a wider audience gain the level of understanding, in particular club coaching staff, allowing the club and/or it’s membership to implement the practical sessions into their own training sessions.

In addition we can conduct bespoke training packages for a club. These can include sessions in:

  • running technique – theory and practice
  • goal setting and periodisation of training (how to plan your season)
  • sports nutrition – theory and practice
  • sports psychology – theory and practice

Club Packages:

Cost – £35 per hour


If you are interested in a one-to-one session please contact us at