Professional Bike Fitting

Our bike fitting service is a scientific approach to getting you riding your bike comfortably. Every cyclist looks for the optimal position on their bike which, until now, has been determined by a number of “rules of thumb” and instinctive feeling. While all very nice, these do not respond to the demands of a highly technical modern bicycle. For the job to be done correctly, a bike should fit as if made-to-measure. Our Professional Frame Builder will ensure that your bike fitting service uses the latest techniques to ensure both power and comfort for you on your bike.

Bike Fitting Steps:

Step 1 – Understand you as a rider: what you want from the bike; any issues (e.g. pain, discomfort, numbness, etc).

Step 2 – Input your body measurements into the Size My Bike App as a starting point and for comparison with your current set up. 

Step 3 – Video analysis of your current position. 

Step 4 – Compare data from the Size My Bike App with other fitting models e.g. Ergon.

Step 5 – Check your cleats are in the correct position for your natural foot alignment.

Step 6 – Adjust your bike set-up using the data from Step 4.

Step 7 – Confirm the saddle height and setback using frame builder knowledge of acceptable angles.  

Step 8 – Combined with information from Step 1, confirm handlebar reach and height using frame builder knowledge of acceptable angles.

Step 9 – After each adjustment we use video as well as rider feedback before making further adjustments.

Step 10 – Having found the right position for you, we record the data.

We understand that riding on an indoor trainer can feel different from being out on the road; therefore we remain available for 3 months following the date of the original fit to revisit any adjustments.

In addition if we identify any potential biomechanical issues we feel may be compromising your position, we may advise referral to a physiotherapist (our recommendation VelocityPhysio).


  • mobile option – we will travel to you, at a time and place convenient to you
  • alternative you can come to us


For the fitting you will need the following equipment:

  • cycling shoes or the shoes you cycle in e.g. trainers
  • cycling shorts or tri-suit
  • existing bike

Cost: £120

Please allow 2-3 hours for the fitting.

If you are interested in a professional bike fit please contact us at