Professional Bike Repair

Like the engine that powers it, your bike is a highly sophisticated piece of engineering. Both require to be running efficiently to achieve optimum performance. You maintain your body through specific training, healthy eating, and good mental health. It seems logical that your bike would require the same level of maintenance. Here at Celtic Coaching our professional mechanic can ensure your bike transfers the power from your body to the road.


  • complete strip down and rebuild
  • custom bike builds (you provide the frame and components we’ll build it for you)
  • bike builds (you buy the bike online we’ll help you build it)
  • pre-event check
    • gear indexing
    • brake function testing


  • chain replacement
  • gear cable replacement
  • brake cable replacement
  • brake block replacement
  • gear mechanism replacement, including chainrings, cassettes, front and rear mechs
  • bearing removal, cleaning and rebuild or replacement
  • wheel truing and building

Cost: £25 per hour

Please Note:

  1. Price does not include parts. We will advise on parts prior to purchase and subsequent fitting.

If you are interested in a having your bike serviced or repaired please contact us at