Running Technique

Natural running in its purest form is bare feet on a natural surface (grass, sand, etc). Unfortunately the reality is we often run on unnatural surfaces (concrete, tarmac, etc). By understanding the biomechanics of running on natural and unnatural surfaces we believe we can improve your efficiency and run speed. Here at Celtic Coaching we combining this understanding with video to provide detailed analysis of your running technique.

Individual Session:

Here at Celtic Coaching we understand that the sheer amount of information now available on run technique can be conflicting and confusing. Let us do an assessment of your current run technique to identify to one thing that will help you run faster. Our assessments are conducted using runner feedback combined with video analysis. Although we can conduct an assessment at a location suitable to you, our preferred option is a nice sandy beach as the feedback available to you the runner is invaluable. 

Cost: £45 per hour 

Group Session:

Here at Celtic Coaching we understand that regular observation is often the best way to make continued improvement. Our group sessions combine technical development with building power, speed and pace control.

Fochabers Run Session:

These sessions combine the elements of technique with power, speed and pace control; however, please note that the underlying focus of every session is technique development. Sessions are held at Milne’s High School, Fochabers starting at 1830 on a Tuesday, done in blocks of 6-10 weeks.

Lossiemouth Run Clinic:

These sessions focus purely on running technique. We break the run down into a sequence of movement patterns, before rebuilding into a new, more efficient running technique. Sessions are held at East Beach, Lossiemouth starting at 0900 on a Saturday, done in blocks of 6-10 weeks. 

Cost: £10 per session

If you are interested in any of our running sessions please contact us at