Triathlon Coaching

Our coaches have competed at every distance from super sprint to Ironman, building a wealth of experience and knowledge. This experience has helped us to understand the factors that can affect goal success. We believe the key to success is our continued understanding that your unique set of factors will vary in importance from day to day. By remaining flexible we aim to remove the stress of fitting training in to an already busy life. Combining this experience with detailed coaching knowledge, here at Celtic Coaching we believe we can create the perfect plan for you.

Plan Set-Up:

Cost: £125 (new athletes); £65 (returning athletes)

Following return of an athlete questionnaire and subsequent interview, the plan set-up includes:

  • physiotherapist assessment
  • detailed goal analysis
  • season planning
  • draft training block (normally 4 weeks) plan
  • upload of the plan to Training Peaks
  • heart rate testing

Training Blocks:

Cost: £93 per training block

Each training block consists of:

  • weekly plan upload to Training Peaks
  • daily upload to Training Peaks
  • a fluid plan that remains flexible to your unique circumstances
  • detailed analysis of training completed
  • a 30minute weekly call with your coach
  • a 60minute monthly Skype/FaceTime/Face-to-Face meeting with your coach

If you are interested in individualised coaching please contact us at