Swimming Technique

Swimming fast can be expressed as a physics equation: (S)peed = Stroke (L)ength (number of metres covered per stroke) x (R)ate (number of strokes in 1 minute). Here at Celtic Coaching we use this equation to analyse the efficiency of your swim stroke. Combining the results of the equation with underwater video allows us to perform detailed analysis of your swimming.

Individual Session:

Here at Celtic Coaching we understand that the sheer volume of information now available on swimming technique, particularly for a triathlete, can be conflicting and confusing. Let us conduct detailed analysis of your swimming allowing you to focus on the one element we feel will have the greatest improvement. The analysis can be conducted at a pool suitable to you. Please enquire at the pool on whether they will allow an independent swim coach to observe from poolside. 

Cost: £45 per hour

Group Session:

Here at Celtic Coaching we understand that regular observation and feedback is often the best way to make continued improvement. Our group sessions combine stroke development with building power, speed and pace control.

Lossiemouth Swim Session:

These sessions combine the elements of technique with power, speed and pace control; however, please note that the underlying aim of every session is stroke development. Sessions are held at Lossiemouth Swimming Pool starting at 2000 on a Friday and are done in blocks of 6-10 weeks.

Cost: £15 per session

Open Water Skills:

These sessions focus on transferring pool technique into an open water environment. In addition these sessions look at the specific skills associated with open water e.g. sighting. Sessions are held at various open water venues in the build up to and throughout the race season.

Cost: £10 per session 

If you are interested in any of our swim sessions please contact us at enquiries@celticcoaching.com